Memories on the move


Memories On The Move provides peace of mind for seniors, and their families, overwhelmed by the process of scaling down a home for a move.  Whether your loved one is right-sizing, going to an independent community, assisted living, or into a nursing home, we are there to help.

Diane Landau, with Memories On The Move, has the designation of Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS(tm)).  This is a symbol of insured, secure, and qualified senior move managers in the senior relocation industry.

Memories On The Move is more than just packing and measuring spaces.  We develop an emotional bond with the senior, who is often alone, whose family is either gone, or lives too far away to help.  We can be there when the adult children cannot because they find themselves sandwiched between their parents, their careers, and their own families and obligations.


“We must always have old memories and young hopes”

                         -- Haussaye

“Memories On The Move made my mother’s transition to her new home easier than I ever imagined.”

         -- S. Nadel. Brooklyn, NY

“When my father passed away, Diane took care of everything.”

B. Moskowitz. Plainview, NY

Memories On The Move provides peace of mind for families, individuals and seniors who are permanently or temporarily moving or renovating.